This project started as a challenge to myself, A challenge to expand my design knowledge and to use orienteering as a medium to explore the impact of design. I set out to do this by reviewing current designs and brand work, uncovering best practices and sharing my findings. But when building this site I shifted my starting point to share stories of the people behind some of these designs. Reviews will come, but for now, I hope you enjoy these interviews.

Defining design

There are a lot of attempts to describe the definition of design out there. But for this site, I am going to keep it simple and in line with my beliefs. Simply put 'Design is anything that has been created by someone, and where they have made conscious choices'. So this covers anything from products to experiences and I will be talking to people from all areas of design that influence orienteering.

When reviewing designs I will stick to the areas of products and brands as this is where my main interest & skills are. Please join me on this journey. 


My name is William Hollowell and I am currently a UX Designer at an Advertising agency in the Netherlands, I grew up running orienteering in Sweden. I believe the skills I have picked up from the sport has helped me become a better designer.

You can reach out to me with questions or give me a helping hand at [email protected]

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